As an employee, you may often need support in the field of employment law or social security law.

Has your employer offered you a non-competition agreement? Have you been dismissed from work? Do you think you have been discriminated against? Do you feel that you are or have been a victim of mobbing? Are you a mother returning to work after maternity leave, and your employer informs you that there is no work for you anymore? Has ZUS refused you some benefits?

In all the above matters and more, I can give you practical advice, and if necessary, I will represent you during negotiations or in court.

  • Litigation
    • I support and represent employees in all matters related to employment, including:
    • – claims arising from the termination of an employment agreement
    • – claims arising from discrimination, unequal treatment, mobbing (bullying), or violation of personal rights
    • – claims for remuneration, overtime, or bonuses
    • – establishing the existence of an employment relationship
    • – payment of compensation for an accident at work
    • – issuing and correcting work certificates
    • – social security benefits
    • – accidents at work and occupational diseases
    • – appeals against ZUS decisions.
  • Dismissals
    • I support employees if they have been dismissed or have received a proposal to terminate their employment by way of mutual agreement. I review the proposed agreements and negotiate the terms of termination.
  • Discrimination, unequal treatment, mobbing (bullying), violation of personal rights
    • I support employees in difficult situations related to: discrimination, unequal treatment, mobbing, and the violation of their personal rights. I advise whether the proposed compensation terms are in-line with applicable regulations and market practice.
  • Parenthood
    • I provide legal advice in the field of employee rights related to pregnancy or parenthood.
  • Accidents at work
    • I provide legal advice on employees’ rights if there has been an accident at work. I can help negotiate the amount of compensation.
  • Conditions of employment
    • I review and negotiate: non-competition agreements, confidentiality clauses, property entrustment agreements, or the conditions of additional benefits. I advise whether the proposed conditions are in-line with applicable regulations and market practice.

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