As an entrepreneur-employer, you are confronted daily with employment law issues. I can assist you with any employment law questions you may have by providing legal advice or by taking legal action against another party.

  • Negotiation and litigation
    • I support my clients in disputes with current or former employees in matters regarding among others: employee claims arising from the termination of employment agreements, mobbing, discrimination, unequal treatment, accidents at work, dismissals (individual and collective), and disputes with trade unions, the Social Security Authority (ZUS) or the National Labor Inspectorate. (PIP)
  • Hiring
    • I advise in choosing the right form of employment for your employees (employment agreement, civil law agreement, or B2B contract). I negotiate and prepare comprehensive documentation related to conditions of employment (such as non-competition agreements during and after the termination of employment, confidentiality clauses, and property entrustment agreements).
  • Termination of employment, restructuring
    • I prepare the full range of documentation related to the termination of employment: termination of an employment contract with or without notice, agreements on the termination of an employment contract, comprehensive documentation regarding collective dismissals, transfer of undertaking, and outsourcing. I  support my clients in “difficult terminations”. I design and elaborate solutions which aim to reduce the risk of litigation. I offer full support in negotiations and I represent my clients in courts.
  • Temporary work
    • I advise on the use of temporary workers, and I review and prepare agreements with temporary work agencies.
  • Discrimination, unequal treatment, mobbing (bullying), protection of personal rights
    • I offer support in crisis situations, as well as when implementing anti-mobbing and anti-discrimination policies. I run trainings covering the subject of discrimination, unequal treatment, and mobbing (bullying).
  • Daily HR consulting
    • I advise on issues related to: working time, overtime, work organization, employees’ absences, holidays, disciplinary responsibility, and accidents at work.
  • HR documentation
    • I review and can explain to you using plain English: work regulations, remuneration regulations, bonus regulations, regulations of the company’s social benefits fund, internal procedures, codes and policies regarding employee monitoring, the use of business property, and more.
  • Personal data and privacy protection
    • I advise on the protection of employees’ and candidates’ personal data, we perform legal audits of compliance of personal data processing rules with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation in Polish: RODO). I assist in the preparation of internal procedures and policies regarding the rules of employees’ use of the Internet, e-mails and social media at work.
  • Employment of expats, posting employees abroad
    • I advise on the employment of foreigners in Poland, as well as on posting employees to work abroad. I help in fulfilling all related formalities.
  • Audits and due diligence reports
    • I check whether internal regulations and applied practices are compliant with employment law regulations. I indicate areas that might generate risks, and propose suggested amendments.
  • Assistance during audits and inspections conducted by public authorities
    • I assist clients in audits and inspections conducted by the National Labour Inspectorate, Social Security Authority (ZUS) or Personal Data Protection Office. (UODO)
  • Formalities
    • I assist in completing administrative formalities relating to the hiring of staff, such as: registration in the social security system, filing for work permits, residence permits and more.

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